Integrated design of machine
body and electrics, convenient
in operating and maintenance.
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  One piece box type machine
base made of Meehanite
castings, all bedways are
hardened and ground which
provides high hardness,
rigity and durbility.
  Large spindle bore supported by
3-point precision bearing which
is suitable in accurancy and heavy
cuttings. 9".10".12".14".16".21".
bore is an option.
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  C-AXIS (Optional)
It is able to make spindle high precision
index position , fitted with power tooling
turret, will complete with "turning" and
"milling" capacities.
  New Design Tailstock
Will make the tailstock slide more
smoothly and eliminate the wearing
as provide security in operating.
This innovation includes a
double-security devise to ensure
operater safe even under a wrong
operating .
C-AXIS (Optional)
New Design Tailstock
  Special coolant system for
headstock will reduce the
temperature of spindle.
  Spindle speed is controlled
automatically by hydraulic
system, 4 stages variable
variable speed changing will
ensure full horse power output
even under low spindle RPM.
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  Double Chuck Design (Optional)
To work with wxtended long workpiece,
we will provide special double chuck
design to have stable clamping.