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CET 28/ 32


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CET 28 CET 32
Capacity Swing over bed 730mm(28") 830mm(32")
Swing over cross slide 450mm(17.7") 550mm(21.6")
Distance between center 1000mm / 1500mm / 2000mm / 3000mm / 4000mm
Headstock Spindle nose

A2-8 / *A2-11

Spindle bore 105 mm (4") / *153 mm (6")
Range of spindle speed 3~1200 rpm
No. of spindle speed 2
Carriage Cross slide travel(X-axis) 400 mm(16")
Longitudinal travel(Z-axis) 1000mm / 1500mm / 2000mm / 3000mm / 4000mm
AC servo motor X: 3kw(4HP) Z: 4kw(5.4HP)
Rapid feed X : 10m/min(393inch/min.) Z : 8m/min (315inch/min.)
Cutting feed rate X/Z : 0.001-500mm/rev(0.0004"-20"/rev)
Turret Tool station(Random)available H4/ *H6, V8
Size of external turning 25x25mm (1" x 1")
Boring   bar dia. 40mm(1.57")
Tailstock Quill dia 95 mm (3.74") / *105 mm (4")
Quoll strock 230mm(9")
Taper of center MT NO.5 / *MT NO.6
Motor Main spindle (continuous) AC 15 KW(20HP)
Main spindle (30 min. rating) AC 18.5 KW(25HP)
Hydraulic pump 1.5kw(2HP)
Coolant pump 0.375kw(0.5HP)
Bed Width of bed 46O mm(18")
Control CNC control unit available FANUC, FAGOR, SIEMENS

OPT.Specification Subject to change without notice.